Tales of Eternia (ToE)

Division: Unranked
Ranking: 2.78
Wins: 0
Losses: 2

As the captain of the Van Eltia and great grand daughter of the legendary pirate Aifread, Chat has a lot of responsibility for one of her age. Dedicating her life to finding the Legacy of Aifread, her professionalism and mechanical skills are as unfit to her age as her looks are unfit to her gender... minus the occasional blind spot. As a certain sadistic demoness revealed to the entire DL through her TV show, adding one furry animal (like a Chu Chu) with one child pirate creates one proud captain reduced to sobbing and bawling.

Aside from getting humiliated in TV and going to the DL's local Pirate Bar (where she, alas, must settle with glasses of milk as she's too young for a bottle of rum), Chat also spends time making grown duellers cry in the training arena with her Hammer Brothers-fu. Alas, her DL record isn't a very good reflection of her great fighting abilities. Having to not only fight the furry Mog in her debut match, but also share a downgrade pool with the furry Myau, it's miraculous how Chat was even able to walk out of the arena with her sanity intact.

Season 6 Week 1 Middle Defeated by Mog, 6 to 5
Downgraded to Light
Season 46 Week 2 Light Defeated by Tai Ho, 23 to 12
Fighter is currently not ranked