Star Ocean: The Second Story (SO2)

Division: Light
Ranking: 2.64
Wins: 0
Losses: 2

Look at that sexy face. Those daring eyes. That knowing smile. That is the face of a man with fans. Narrowly escaping removal from the Duelling League, Wiseman Ruprecht was proud to call himself a Middle. (It's better than nothing, obviously.) He's got the weird wave attacks to prove he's worth keeping around, so watch out, or he'll.... wave... you. Or something. Now that he's been downgraded to Light, he's going to have to fight even more ferociously to prove his worth!

Season 28 Week 2 Middle Defeated by Locke Cole, 56 to 29
Downgraded to Light
Season 47 Week 2 Light Defeated by Aeris Gainsborough, 39 to 25