Emma Hetfield
Wild Arms: Alter Code F (WA:ACF)

Division: Light
Ranking: 2.43
Wins: 1
Losses: 3

She's arrogant, bossy, eccentric, and has little regard for silly buidling laws... but you'll be hard pressed to find a better scientist. One of the six students of world-reknowned Wanderer and ARMs meister, Emma is Adlehyde's resident genius in all things mechanical whose intelligence, talent, wit, and beauty knows no bound. Just ask her! While her ego might be a litle overbearing at times, there's no doubt she has the brains to back it. She's the inventive mind behind the Emma Motor, Gullwing, and various other technoligical wonders, after all.

The sort-of leader of the Female Scientists Brigade, Emma's face is well-known even outside the arenas of the Duelling League. Not that she's out of her element in the arena itself. Packing an insane amount of monster skills she's emulated in her little gadget, she's a damn nasty opponent for anyone to face.

Season 36 Week 2 Light Defeated Sanae Yamamoto, 44 to 24
Season 36 Week 3 Light Defeated by Mio, 34 to 20
Season 43 Week 1 Light Defeated by Estella, 29 to 22
Season 61 Week 2 Light Defeated by Dahna, 13 to 1