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Posted by Laggy on February 20, 2011

Laggy, metroid composite, and Tonfa present

LFT, a fan-made modification of

NOTE – The original thread for LFT can be found on the DL forums here. You can also find a summarized patch log to get a feel for the changes LFT does. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion!

Last Patch Update: 08/13/2013

Download the LFT patch here. This requires a vanilla FFT ISO and is applied with PPF-O-Matic, linked below. (LFT patch with in-game music disabled here.)

Download PPF-O-MATIC here to apply the patch to an FFT ISO. Remember that you must apply it to a clean (unpatched) ISO or it will not function properly!

Download the LFT patch w/ WotL translation included (combines FFT Complete with LFT.)

Note gameplay-related terms and documentation have not been changed (classes, items, abilities and whatnot still use vanilla translation, but story scenes, character names and locations use the WotL translation). Credit goes to Cheetah, creator of FFT Complete, for making this possible, as well as Tonfa for spending the time to compile this together. (LFT+Complete patch with in-game music disabled here.)


  • LFT Abilities Reference Document. A list of all abilities in LFT for every PC-playable job, including formulas for each ability, their effects, JP costs, range/CT/MP/effect area values, and what abilities are learnable on what class. Innate RSM for jobs are also documented.
  • LFT Stats Reference Document. A list of all stat values in LFT for every PC-playable job, including growth and stat multipliers, job unlocks, and wearable equipment.


LFT is a modification of Final Fantasy Tactics, making some dramatic changes to its gameplay while preserving non-gameplay aspects (the story, characters, etc. have all been left unmodified). Through all these changes I would like to believe that I have preserved the spirit of the gameplay itself – the vast array of options it offers, the tactical potential it has always boasted over most SRPGs out there, and above all else, the things that make it such an enjoyable game that has weathered the test of time admirably.

LFT has three main goals:

  1. To improve the usability and balance in all aspects of gameplay, without removing options or impeding on personal preference whenever possible. (classes, items, etc.)
  2. To reduce the necessity of grind and other tedious aspects of the game. (faster JP gain, easier class unlocks, better poaches, etc.)
  3. To streamline the game’s difficulty so that it remained challenging to a player who previously played FFT, without forcing optimization or any extraneous leveling.

Furthermore, to accomplish these goals while keeping things fun was readily kept in mind. An all too easy trap to fall into is the idea that everything has to be made hard when fan-made. (Special thanks to m.c. for correcting the course for me whenever it looked like I was about to fall into that!)

As far as what was deemed “broken” and what wasn’t, the ease at which something could be abused was heavily factored into any balance changes made. Things like Brave/Faith modification and the like were preserved simply because of the amount of effort required to take advantage of them and the decision to leave extensive twinking options available to the player should they feel that was the most enjoyable way to play the game. On the other hand, a good number of abilities that were brutal in terms of power and efficiency (early summons, Auto-Potion, etc.) were nerfed, whether directly or through making them harder to get, because they were simultaneously powerful and easy to obtain. Whenever possible, though, options were either refined or moved in difficulty to acquire, rather than removed from the game outright.

A summary of changes follows:

  • Classes have been revamped significantly in every factor – stat multipliers and growths, wearable equipment, ability effects, JP costs, unlock requirements, innate RSM, etc.; they are all still very recognizable from their FFT designs, but have been retooled and rebalanced to all be viable. Special jobs are included in this criteria.
  • Monsters have been reworked in a similar manner and are more challenging than their FFT incarnations, as well as being worthwhile PC replacements in their own right. All monsters have innate Monster Skill, which allows them to access new abilities when near each other. Random encounters are no longer complete fodder.
  • Equipment has been tweaked to be more versatile and offer a wider range of effects available. Traditionally underused equipment was given special emphasis in finding new niches and roles to fill.
  • All of these changes apply to the enemy side as well, making them more well-rounded and generally more challenging on their own, as even the common Knight and Archer are respectable foes now.
  • In-game documentation changes for all of the above have been included in-game. Rare battle directions are noted on location descriptions. Additional information that was previously invisible to players (such as innate abilities on PC classes or actual CT values on spells) has been added for greater transparency.
  • Storyline encounters have had enemy job selection diversified to give a wider range of enemies and strategies you face against.
  • Bosses have been improved in general (the majority now have innate Defense UP and Magic DefendUP) to give them more of a fighting chance, especially in assassination missions.
  • Random encounters now only occur when you deliberately select to move to the map location with the random encounter (i.e. you will never get random encounters while transitioning over a spot). The direction of your approach still matters for which encounters you can get.
  • Move-Find Item rewards for non-DD locations have been altered to be more worthwhile (the panel locations themselves are unchanged). You may find some fun stuff at some of the more unique panels (like the previously inaccessible one in Bervenia Volcano!) DD panels remain mostly unchanged with a few shuffles.
  • The Beowulf sidequest (Colliery, Nevelska) has been modified to fit with aftergame content and the fights have been redesigned from scratch to be appropriately challenging for optional encounters.
  • The Deep Dungeon has 1 specially designed fight per floor (out of 4) designed as optional superfights. END has been changed entirely to custom fights. All Deep Dungeon maps are now automatically lit with a crystal.

Credit goes to:
* metroid composite, for her endless wealth of FFT mechanical knowledge and expertise and for many, many test playthroughs during the infancy of the mod. Without m.c., this would not have been completed or expanded as far as it did.
* Tonfa, for working closely with me on feedback and suggestions for months and doing extensive testing and sanity checking whenever I needed it, as well as helping me with the reference documents. He’s done many playthroughs and contributed direct work on the mod, and is practically a co-author at this point.
* The FFHacktics community in general, for helping me out with several technical problems I was stuck on and for providing such wonderful editing tools that made this mod possible.
* Everyone who tested and played the mod. You all know who you are, and in the end you guys were the reason I kept this thing up for more than a whole year.


What follows is a brief section of LFT’s changelog.

NOTE: This is a non-complete summation of the primary job changes to get a feel of what’s been altered; for detailed specifics, and for other changes such as equipment, it is highly recommended you view the reference documents linked at the start of this post.


  • All playable PC classes now have innate Gained JP Up (thus freeing up the Support slot for other uses).
  • JP costs for almost all abilities in general have been reduced across the board.
  • Documentation in-game has replaced the SP (speed) values of abilities with CT (charge time) values.
  • The durations of the Poison and Regen statuses are increased.
  • The Oil status now functions as intended (take double damage from fire).
  • A new status, Wall, exists (reduces all damage to 1, short duration).
  • The JP scroll glitch has been fixed.
  • The Secret Hunt ability is no longer required to enter the Fur Shop (starting in Chapter 3).
  • Starting generics now have preset Br and Fa values: Squires have 70/60, Chemists have 70/70. They also start at JLV2 for their respective jobs. You can rename them at the Soldier Office if you wish.


Summary: Base class whose stats have improved across the board. The skillset is still “basic” but well-varied and useful. They now make a strong case for lategame use due to their improved equipment options (Knight Swords in particular make them stand out) and new, but JP intensive, abilities.

  • Can now equip Knight Swords, Crossbows, Sticks, and Robes.
  • HP, MP, Speed, PA, and MA increased.
  • Acquired innate Monster Skill.

New Abilities
* Yell (identical to Ramza’s, except it can no longer self-target)
* Replenish (restores MP to target based on caster’s MA, costs 400 JP)
* Reinforce (adds Reraise and Defending status to one ally, costs 800 JP)
* Gained Exp Up
* Move-Get Exp

Skillset Changes
* Knockback on Throw Stone, Dash, and Counter Tackle is 100%
* Heal cures a much expanded list of negative status
* Removed abilities: Defend, Gained JP Up, Move +1


Summary: Base class that was left mostly unchanged. The best skills (Phoenix Down, Auto-Potion) are more costly to access (significantly so for the latter). They remain versatile healers that don’t have to worry about charge times, making them useful in any situation. Guns contribute to their use later on.

  • HP and MP improved slightly.

New Abilities
* Distribute


Summary: Extremely durable class thanks to new innate defenses; now indisputably take hits better than anyone else. Base mobility improved at the cost of some speed. They retain early and useful RSM options (Equip supports and Move +1). Battle Skill no longer suffers from accuracy woes.

  • Move increased from 3 to 4.
  • Speed decreased.
  • Acquired innate Defense UP and Magic DefendUP.

New Abilities
* Defend
* Move +1

Skillset Changes
* All Break skills have a base 100% chance to succeed (still subject to evasion)
* Magic Break dispels all positive status (including Innocent) rather than damaging MP
* Speed Break lowers Speed by 1 instead of 2
* Removed abilities: Weapon Guard


Summary: Mobile ranged attacker, now able to get into favorable position quickly thanks to innate Ignore Height. On certain maps, an accessible height advantage makes them almost untouchable and able to assail any enemy position. They use magic secondaries more effectively. Charge skillset vastly improved in ease of use.

  • Can now equip Robes.
  • MP and MA increased.
  • Class evasion increased from 10% to 30%.
  • Acquired innate Ignore Height.

New Abilities
* Charge +6 (new addition to replace the loss of Charge +1)
* Ignore Height

Skillset Changes
* Charge skills go off much more quickly than before (exact CT values documented in-game)
* Equip Crossbow changed to Equip Bow and allows you to use Longbows in addition to Crossbows
* Removed abilities: Charge +1, Speed Save, Jump +1


Summary: Jack-of-all-trades physical fighter. Relatively low durability, but good damage. Base mobility improved. Neglected abilities in Punch Art were improved or made easier to use; it remains a versatile PA-based skillset. Later on, they have possibly the highest damage output in the game thanks to unarmed’s quadratic damage formula.

  • Move increased from 3 to 4.

New Abilities
* Jump +3

Skillset Changes
* Spin Fist has a greater area-of-effect
* Revive has higher vertical tolerance
* Secret Fist has better accuracy and also inflicts Don’t Move in addition to Death Sentence
* Stigma Magic cures a different list of statuses (including some obscure ones that Esuna/Remedy don’t catch)
* Removed abilities: Move-HP Up


Summary: Dedicated healer mage. Their entire spell list was more or less improved across the board, with significant buffs to the Cure series and Level 2 versions of spells. The JP cost for abilities other than Holy dropped by a notable margin. They retain their niche of being the fastest of the mage jobs.

  • Can now equip Flails.
  • MA improved slightly.

New Abilities
* Move-HP Up

Skillset Changes
* All Cure spells have lower MP costs, faster CT, and greater area-of-effect
* Raise 2 and Reraise have much higher hit rates and faster CT
* Regen, Protect 2, and Shell 2 have higher hit rates, lower MP costs, much faster CT, and greater area-of-effects
* Esuna no longer cures Don’t Move


Summary: Straightforward offensive mage. Magic stats as a carrier have been slightly decreased (though still gamebest for damage), but Black Magic as a skillset is much better. Their attack spells are linear and much faster to cast, making higher level versions more viable. Utility spells have been revamped as well.

  • MA decreased.

Skillset Changes
* Fire, Ice, and Bolt series spells (of all levels) have faster CT
* Fire 4, Ice 4, and Bolt 4 have increased range and reduced area-of-effect (same as lower level versions)
* Poison has a higher hit rate and a much larger area-of-effect
* Death has a much higher hit rate and huge range, with a slower CT and higher MP cost
* Flare has increased damage (slightly better than Holy)


-Time Mage-
Summary: Support mage with a bevy of utility spells, whose overall reliability have been improved. The Level 2 versions of Haste and Slow are now fast and wider instead of being borderline useless. Demi series are now dark-elemental (halved by Zodiac bosses, healed by undead). Stat-wise, they are the most well-balanced of the mages.

  • Can now equip Books.
  • MP increased.
  • MA improved slightly.
  • Acquired innate Float.

Skillset Changes
* Haste and Slow have slower CT but marginally improved hit rates
* Haste 2 and Slow 2 have much faster CT and improved area-of-effects
* Stop, Reflect, and Quick all have improved hit rates and other slight improvements (CT, MP cost)
* Float has a much larger area-of-effect and improved hit rate
* Demi and Demi 2 have lower MP costs, better hit rates, and are now dark-elemental
* Teleport requires significantly more JP to learn


Summary: Mage that specializes in area-of-effect spells. While slow and fragile, Summon Magic is powerful, versatile, and retains its trait of avoiding friendly fire. Early tier summons are weaker, while MP costs for later summons have increased to compensate for greater variety in area-of-effect and improved casting speed.

  • MP increased significantly.
  • MA improved slightly.

New Abilities
* MA Save
* Fly

Skillset Changes
* Summon Magic damage in general has been lowered modestly and MP costs have increased
* Shiva, Ramuh, and Ifrit have slower CT
* Carbunkle has a greater area-of-effect, improved hit rate, and slightly faster CT
* Bahamut has an even larger area-of-effect (widest in the game)
* Odin has a much faster CT, but with a drastically higher MP cost
* Leviathan deals notably less damage but is much more affordable
* Salamander has a lower CT and now has infinite vertical tolerance
* Golem has a higher MP and CT cost
* Silf no longer inflicts Silence but now deals wind-elemental damage, similar to other lower-tier summons
* Lich has a lower MP cost


Summary: Physical fighter akin to an early version of Ninja due to their new innate Two Swords. Skillset remains very situational and used mainly to acquire items rather than combat use, but still has niche uses. Their durability and evasion now have an edge over their more damaging brethren.

  • HP increased.
  • PA decreased.
  • Class evasion increased from 25% to 40%.
  • Acquired innate Two Swords and Secret Hunt.

New Abilities
* Quick Attack (melee range physical attack that uses SP*WP as a damage formula, while ignoring evasion and countergrasp reactions, costs 300 JP)

Skillset Changes
* All Steal abilities have improved hit rates
* Removed abilities: Gil Taking, Jump +2


Summary: Non-Faith reliant status user with many unique options (Brave/Faith modification, Invite, etc). Their stats and Talk Skill have been generally improved all around. The reliability of skills like Praise and Preach are now 100%. They remain prominent users of Guns, but can now deal more damage with Books as well.

  • Can now equip Books.
  • HP, Speed, PA, and MA increased.
  • MP decreased.
  • Acquired innate Train.

New Abilities
* Brave Up
* Faith Up

Skillset Changes
* Praise, Preach, Threaten, and Solution all have 100% hit rates
* Death Sentence has a much higher hit rate and a greater area-of-effect
* Negotiate no longer rewards gil but now inflicts Stop with good accuracy
* Persuade has a greater area-of-effect
* Insult and Mimic Daravon both have improved hit rates


Summary: Mage that specializes in debilitating status spells. Their new ability to regain MP on a regular basis due to innate Move-MP Up is a niche no other job has. Accuracy on their status was increased, especially for spells that aren’t permanently disabling. Life Drain remains one of the best offensive spells versus bosses.

  • MP decreased.
  • PA and MA improved slightly.
  • Acquired innate Any Weather and Move-MP Up.

New Abilities
* Charm Song (inflicts Charm with an area-of-effect, slow CT and lower hit rate than other status, replaces Blind Rage, costs 400 JP)
* Weapon Guard

Skillset Changes
* All Yin-Yang status spells have improved hit rates
* Blind, Zombie, Confusion Song, and Dispel Magic all have greater area-of-effects and faster CT
* Spell Absorb and Life Drain have lower range and are now reflectable
* Pray Faith and Doubt Faith have greater range
* Removed abilities: Blind Rage, Defense UP


Summary: Traditionally a carrier class, they are still defined as durable fighters (with the ability to use shields) that can use magic secondaries well. Their relevant stats have been improved to emphasize this role. The damage multipliers on some of the lesser-used Elemental attacks were given a boost as well.

  • New Job Prerequisites: Monk JLV2
  • HP, PA, and MA increased.
  • Acquired innate Move on Lava.

Skillset Changes
* The following Elemental abilities improved in damage:
Lava Ball, Quicksand, Sand Storm, Pitfall, Local Quake, Blizzard, Gusty Wind
* Removed abilities: Any Ground


Summary: Attack-oriented armored fighters as opposed to the defense-oriented Knight job. Durability and damage were raised by large margin, and Jump remains a scalable and long-range physical option that synergizes with improved Axes. Extraneous levels of their skillset were removed to make JP spending decisions clear and distinct.

  • New Job Prerequisites: Thief JLV2
  • Jump increased from 4 to 5.
  • HP and PA increased.

New Abilities
* PA Save
* Defense UP

Skillset Changes
* Removed abilities: Level Jump3, Level Jump5, Vertical Jump3, Vertical Jump5, Vertical Jump6, Vertical Jump7


Summary: Now are worthwhile users of their own skillset, and as a class in their own right instead of being a handicap. Slow and not very mobile, but with artillery-like power and range thanks to Draw Out and their new innates. Can deal both physical and magical damage well, but must take extra care not to damage their own teammates.

  • HP, MP, PA, and Speed decreased.
  • MA increased.
  • Acquired innate Concentrate, Two Hands, and Walk on Water.

Skillset Changes
* All Draw Out abilities now hit both allies and enemies (if damaging, do not affect the user)
* Asura now inflicts Dead (at 20% chance)
* Koutetsu deals slightly less damage and inflicts Slow (at 20% chance)
* Bizen Boat now deals much more MP damage and is now a line effect (identical to Kikuichimoji)
* Heaven’s Cloud no longer inflicts Slow but instead inflicts Sleep
* Muramasa deals slightly less damage, and no longer inflicts Confusion (but still inflicts Death Sentence)
* Kikuichimoji deals less damage and has a reduced range


Summary: Less powerful than their FFT incarnations, but they still excel at the same role: dealing damage and dealing it quickly. They have gamebest speed and solid weapons, but low durability. Magic is a more viable option, while Throw is more attractive thanks to greater WP values in storebought weapons and an improved Move stat.

  • Move increased from 4 to 5.
  • Jump decreased from 4 to 3.
  • HP and PA decreased.
  • MP and MA increased.
  • Speed slightly lowered.
  • Acquired innate Move on Water.

New Abilities
* Speed Save


Summary: Fragile full-party support class that can pack a surprising punch due to the vastly improved WP of Harps. Akin to Ninja in the sense that they are fast, frail and do good damage (not as much but with better range and options, like Bloody Strings’ draining). Sing is now fully accurate and avoids RNG concerns.

  • New Job Prerequisites: Summoner JLV3, Mediator JLV3
  • Can now equip Knives.
  • MP and MA improved slightly.
  • Acquired innate Magic AttackUP.
  • When performing, evasion is retained but incoming damage is increased to 150%.
  • Songs are no longer affected by Miming.

Skillset Changes
* All Sing abilities have a 100% hit rate
* Life Song restores 20 base HP instead of 10
* Cheer Song has a slower CT
* Magic Song and Last Song have faster CT
* Removed abilities: Faith Up, MA Save, Fly


Summary: Debuff specialist that now uses PA-based secondaries very well due to innate Attack UP and Carpets. The less commonly used Dance abilities have been improved and they can now also learn Move +3. The ability to retain evasion while performing coupled with the great weapon evade of Carpets lets them now wade into the front lines.

  • New Job Prerequisites: Geomancer JLV3, Lancer JLV3
  • HP and PA improved slightly.
  • Acquired innate Attack UP.
  • When performing, evasion is retained but incoming damage is increased to 150%.
  • Dances are no longer affected by Miming.

New Abilities
* Move +3

Skillset Changes
* Slow Dance has slower CT and a slightly better hit rate
* Polka Polka and Disillusion have faster CT and 100% hit rates
* Nameless Dance now inflicts new possible negative statuses
* Last Dance has faster CT and an improved hit rate
* Removed abilities: Brave Up, PA Save, Fly, Jump +3


Summary: The ultimate support character, with no base skillset but the ability to act multiple times in a round. Punching has been downtoned in favor of emphasizing miming antics; their stats now scale well despite a lack of equipment. Job accessibility is reasonable rather than wholly impractical. Requires planning and caution to use, but with great potential.

  • New Job Prerequisites: Squire JLV4, Chemist JLV4
  • Move and Jump increased from 4 to 5.
  • HP, PA, and MA increased significantly.
  • MP improved slightly.
  • Removed innate Concentrate, Monster Skill, and Martial Arts.
  • Acquired innate Monster Talk.


Summary: A unique class with a skillset that really can do it all. Math Skill has been reined in significantly with a far smaller spell list, but it remains amazingly versatile without outclassing every other skillset in the game. In contrast, the severely handicapped stats of the class are now compensated with incredible new innates, giving them quirk uses.

  • MA improved slightly.
  • Acquired innate Teleport 2 and Non-charge.

New Abilities
* Non-charge (CT times for spells is reduced to 0, costs 9999 JP)

Skillset Changes
* Math Skill now has the following spells (and only these) available:
… White Magic – Cure, Cure 2, Regen, Protect, Shell, Esuna
… Black Magic – Fire, Ice, Bolt, Poison
… Time Magic – Haste, Slow, Don’t Move, Float, Reflect, Demi
… Yin-Yang Magic – Blind, Pray Faith, Doubt Faith, Zombie, Dispel Magic
* Removed abilities: Distribute, Gained Exp Up, Move-Get Exp, Move-Get JP


Summary: Ramza remains the most well-rounded character, simply because you use him from the very start. His good base stats (as he gets both male and female stat growths) are further complemented by new equip options, letting him excel at any role. Wish is now integral to early play, and Cheer Up is amazing support.

  • Can now equip Knight Swords in all Chapters (instead of just C4).
  • Can now equip Bags, Perfumes, and Hair Adornments in Chapter 4.

Skillset Changes
* Wish no longer heals HP and self-damages, but now revives a target with minimal HP with 5 CT charge and high hit rate; Faith-based
* Cheer Up no longer raises Brave, but now grants 100 CT (identical to Quick) with 5 CT charge; Faith-based
* Ultima is no longer Faith-based, has slightly faster CT and better vertical tolerance, and reduced base damage (to compensate for the lack of Faith dependency)


Summary: Mustadio remains more or less unchanged aside from a few edits to distinguish himself more. His Speed growth is greatly increased, making him potentially the fastest character in the game with enough investment. Equip Gun lets him keep his initial quirk. In addition, he is the best Stone Gun user for lategame use, freeing up his Support slot for a superior ability.

  • Now starts with Mime unlocked.
  • Move increased from 3 to 4.
  • Speed improved.
  • Acquired innate Maintenance and Equip Change.

New Abilities
* Equip Gun

Skillset Changes
* Leg Aim now has a better hit rate


-Holy Knight-
Summary: Like Mustadio, Agrias remains mostly faithful to her FFT form. Aside from a much-needed boost to her mobility, she tends to learn her Holy Sword skills and then move on to better classes. Split Punch and Crush Punch, both of which were generally ignored in favor of superior swordskills, can now be used with superior WP weapons.

  • Now starts with Geomancer unlocked.
  • Move increased from 3 to 4.
  • PA and MA improved slightly.

Skillset Changes
* Split Punch now inflicts Don’t Move instead of Death Sentence and no longer requires a Sword to be used
* Crush Punch no longer requires a Sword to be used
* Lightning Stab has less range, now inflicts Undead instead of Silence


-Hell Knight-
Summary: Malak is quite radically different, with large improvements made to make up for the atrocities that were his skillset and class. His new ability to dual wield makes the base job more appealing, and Un-truth now hits up to 10 times while ignoring allies. Exploding Frog is his new unique ability, making him a deadly status user at close ranges.

  • Now starts with Samurai unlocked.
  • Can no longer equip Sticks.
  • Can now equip Rods.
  • Acquired innate Magic DefendUP and Two Swords.
  • MA improved slightly.

New Abilities
* Exploding Frog (single-target ability with range 2 that inflicts Oil, Reraise, Transparent, Frog, and Faith at 100% probability, costs 700 JP)

Skillset Changes
* All Un-Truth attacks hit 1-10 times, have increased range, no longer hit allies, slightly faster CT, and now have MP costs
* Space Storage Back now has lower vertical tolerance


-Heaven Knight-
Summary: Rafa has the same improvements to her Truth skillset as her twin brother’s, although not being reverse Faith-dependent makes her abilities superior by default. Her new equipment options and Scorpio’s Blessing, which is the longest-range revival in the game, make her a more well-rounded character.

  • Now starts with Ninja unlocked.
  • Can now equip Swords and Shields.
  • Acquired innate Magic DefendUP.
  • MA improved slightly.

New Abilities
* Scorpio’s Blessing (range 8 ability that revives a target with 25% mHP restored, high hit rate, Faith-based, costs 700 JP)

Skillset Changes
* All Truth attacks hit 1-10 times, have increased range, no longer hit allies, slightly faster CT, and now have MP costs
* Space Storage now has lower vertical tolerance


-Holy Swordsman-
Summary: Orlandu needs no real introduction. His amazing stats and all-encompassing skillset put other swordskillers to shame, held back only because he joins so late. The removal of Mighty Sword abilities isn’t so much a downtoning of his strength as it is ensuring Meliadoul’s role remains distinct. He could be lowered further, but then… he wouldn’t be T.G. Cid. And that’s just not right.

  • Now starts with Holy Swordsman at JLV8.

Skillset Changes
* Split Punch now inflicts Don’t Move instead of Death Sentence and no longer requires a Sword to be used
* Crush Punch no longer requires a Sword to be used
* Lightning Stab has less range, now inflicts Undead instead of Silence
* Removed abilities: Shellbust Stab, Blastar Punch, Hellcry Punch, Icewolf Bite


-Divine Knight-
Summary: Originally cast in unfortunate competition with someone who did almost everything she did but better, Meliadoul now claims the mantle of a skillset filled with unique skills that no other character gets. With both equipment-breaking and stat-busting goodness and her incredible durability, she is essentially a far superior version of a Knight.

  • Now starts with Dancer unlocked.
  • Can now equip Hats.
  • HP and MP increased significantly.
  • Acquired innate Defense UP and Magic DefendUP.

New Abilities
* Magic Ruin
* Speed Ruin
* Power Ruin
* Mind Ruin


-Temple Knight-
Summary: As Beowulf is now effectively aftergame due to the Colliery being harder content, his abilities were beefed up to reflect his new availability. He is possibly the best boss fighter of all cast members, since his percentage-based attacks rip through high HP targets. Magic Sword remains an alternative, but arguably better version of Yin-Yang Magic.

  • Now starts with Bard unlocked.

New Abilities
* Charm (adds Charm with mediocre hit rate, otherwise identical to other Magic Sword abilities, replaces Berserk, 400 JP)

Skillset Changes
* Magic Sword abilities now have spell quotes
* Aspel drains 50% mMP instead of 25%
* Drain drains 33% mHP instead of 25%
* Removed abilities: Berserk


Summary: At its core, Reis’ design is completely unchanged – she has a monstrous base class with obscene growths and stat multipliers, but requires heavy investment to get any kind of skillset going. Given her more difficult availability now, this is even further emphasized. Dragon was given a bit of a touch nonetheless to make the abilities more usable and interesting.

  • Now starts with Dragoner at JLV8.
  • Move increased from 3 to 5.
  • PA and MA increased significantly.
  • Removed innate Train.
  • Acquired innate Absorb: Holy and Cancel: Fire, Lightning, Ice.

Skillset Changes
* Ice Breath now inflicts Slow (20%)
* Fire Breath now inflicts Death Sentence (20%)
* Thunder Breath now inflicts Don’t Act (20%)
* Dragon Power Up adds 15 Brave instead of 5, and +3 PA/MA/Speed instead of 1
* Holy Breath hits 1-10 times instead of 1-4


Summary: While an interesting concept, Cloud had several flaws that held him back from being used as anything but a gimmick character – namely his starting level of 1, the almost mandatory requirement of Short Charge on his skillset, and the forced use of the unimpressive Materia Blade. These issues have all been rectified accordingly.

  • Now starts with Calculator unlocked.
  • Joins at Party Level rather than Level 1.
  • Can now equip Robes and Perfumes.
  • Acquired innate Short Charge.

Skillset Changes
* Limit abilities no longer require the Materia Blade to use
* Removed abilities: Cherry Blossom


-Steel Giant-
Summary: On paper a thoroughly scary juggernaut, Worker 8 was held back by its otherwise complete lack of team synergy and slow mobility. Its increased movement and the introduction of an powerful support move that lets aftergame parties handle even the most brutal of attacks now secures Worker 8 a new and valuable role in fights.

  • Move increased from 3 to 5.
  • HP increased significantly.
  • Removed innate Any Ground.
  • Removed innate Cancel: Oil, Slow, Don’t Move, Don’t Act.

New Abilities
* Barrier (self-centered area-of-effect ability that adds Wall status, does not affect self)


Summary: What is worth going all the way to the end of the Deep Dungeon? Certainly not the delicious shinies that you get on the way, no. It’s all Byblos. In any case, although his addition is almost elementary, Byblos gets some much needed boosts and the only PC-controllable Mbarrier in the game. It’s something!

  • Move increased from 3 to 7.
  • Jump increased from 6 to 7.
  • HP improved.
  • MP and MA improved significantly.
  • Removed innate Counter and Cannot enter water.
  • Acquired innate Sunken State and Non-charge.

New Abilities
* Mbarrier

Skillset Changes
* Removed abilities: Energy