Hey everyone! This is Rise! Iím super psyched to be here as the new postergirl for the RPG Dueling League! But donít worry, we would never let down our loyal fans! Weíre still totally bringing you the best in RPG combat! *Squeal*

Every week, we bring together some of the best warriors from all around the world to fight just for your entertainment! Itís absolutely amazing! Everyone is split into divisions based on how strong they are, and like any good tournament, the winners move on until there is only ONE champion! We also bring you some of the coolest bonus matches to double your fun! Anyone with questions should contact customer service!

The DL Wiki is a super cool place to find information about various games, including the DL's own super cool IAQ project!

But wait! Thereís more! The DL also offers a ton of info on RPGs, whether theyíre represented in the league or not! Teams of people working around the clock bring you as much on your favorite games as possible! So if any of you adoring fans want to stay and chat a bit, come right in! Now to go see how Senpai is doing...
Rankings are happening on the forums right now! Check out this topic for details!