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This pages contains links to the playable characters, both required and optional, as well as character notes on non-playable characters. Obvious spoilers from here on in!


Required Playable Characters

Catherine Brown
The focal main character, Catherine is a "college student" studying history in what remains of St. Louis. She focuses her time on trying to recover her hometown from the disaster years back, recording history as it happens. She is Anastasia's best friend and roommate.
Anastasia Rivers
The secondary focal main character, Anastasia is a friend of Catherine's since childhood and also her roommate. Like Catherine, she attends "college" in St. Louis, though for physical therapy training instead of history. She spends most of her time helping excavation crews in and around the city.
Erika Walters
Erika is, for lack of a better term, a stripper. She works at a night club in the remains of Washington D.C. Prior to the disaster, she was effectively a "house wife" engaged to a military officer. After the disaster and his subsequent death, she left her old life and begun anew.
Corbin Powers
A cook in one of the few remaining restaurants in the upper-scale parts of what remains of Charlotte. Like many people in the remaining "modern" world, he looks down somewhat on those that live in the "wasteland" (viewing them as dirty contaminants to his pristine kitchen), but does not let his opinions and views of people get in the way of doing his job and pursuing his one great passion in life - finding a way to make a true creme brulee in this godforsaken world.
Evan Newton
A traveling physician, a rarity in the world as it is. Unfortunately, most physicians of the "wasteland" are exiled and looked down upon from the physicians of "civilization" as foregoing "modern" practice for "less advanced" methods. He's joined in this wandering and helping of people by his wife, Lynne.
Lynne Newton
Lynne was a police officer before the disaster destroyed the organization of law in her old hometown of Little Rock. Basically promoted on the spot due to the death of her superior officer, she worked to evacuate the city before it was overrun, and set about continuing her job with the law, traveling to help others with her husband Evan.

Optional Playable Characters

Diane Rivers
Diane is a very knowledgeable computer programmer with a hard-to-place accent that always appears at odd places. She appears to come from one of the "modern" remnants of society, and is typically found with Joel fighting off mutants at the ruins of civilization, or exploring out-of-the-way places.
Joel Matthews
Biologist by trade, Joel is typically seen with Diane at ruins and fighting off mutants while traveling. He's exceptionally knowledgeable about the world at large, and always seems to have some kind of purpose in mind wherever he travels. He's also a gifted stalker, apparently.

Non-Playable Characters

Caroline Matthews
Joel's sister-in-law, and a co-worker of his specializing in artificial intelligence.
Laura Richards
Another co-worker of Joel and Diane, Laura focuses on genetics and DNA manipulation. She's also Christopher's sister.
Christopher Michaels
The elder brother of Laura, Christopher is apparently a boss figure for Joel and Diane.

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