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Here's a list of all the accessories in the game, with all of their associated stats and special effects.


Default Accessories

iPod: Plays digital music
Diamond Ring: An expensive trinket usually given to a woman by a man
Emerald Pendant: A pendant bearing the green birthstone of May
Pocketwatch: Worn on the wrist to help tell time
Wedding Band: Worn by a married couple
Flash Drive: A device for storage of digital data
Engagement Ring: A ring given in promise of marriage

Parameter Boosting Accessories

Strength Boosters

Crimson Choker: +2 STR
Power Belt: +5 STR
Tiger Bracelet: +10 STR
Karma Ring: +15 STR

Endurance Boosters

Talisman: +2 END
Stamina Amulet: +5 END
Turtle Bracelet: +10 END
Adoration Ring: +15 END

Magic Boosters

Iris Pendant: +2 MAG
Lotus Charm: +5 MAG
Dragon Bracelet: +10 MAG
Rune Ring: +15 MAG

Agility Boosters

Feather Talisman: +2 AGI
Cat Amulet: +5 AGI
Vermillion Peacock Bracelet: +10 AGI
Pegasi Ring: +15 AGI

Luck Boosters

Trick Dice: +2 LUC
White Silver Charm: +5 LUC
Rabbit Bracelet: +10 LUC
Seven Ring: +15 LUC

Multiple Parameter Boosters

Falcon Choker: +2 AGI, +2 LUC
Panther Choker: +2 STR, +2 AGI
Raven Choker: +2 MAG, +2 AGI
Ogre Choker: +2 STR, +2 END
Warrior Choker: +2 STR, +2 MAG
Trick Ring: +5 AGI, +5 LUC
Ether Ring: +5 MAG, +5 AGI
Shield Ring: +5 END, +5 LUC
Force Ring: +5 STR, +5 MAG
Crystal Charm: +1 STR, +1 END, +1 MAG, +1 AGI, +1 LUC
Soul Charm: +3 STR, +3 END, +3 MAG, +3 AGI, +3 LUC
Divine Charm: +7 STR, +7 END, +7 MAG, +7 AGI, +7 LUC
Amala Charm: +10 STR, +10 END, +10 MAG, +10 AGI, +10 LUC

HP and SP Boosters

HP Boosters

Vigor Ball: +10% MHP
Life Orb: +20% MHP
Sun Fob: +30% MHP
Stamina Source: +40% MHP
Amaterasu Hair: +50% MHP

SP Boosters

Mana Ball: +10% MSP
Energy Orb: +20% MSP
Moon Fob: +30% MSP
Channeling Source: +40% MSP
Tsukuyomi Hair: +50% MSP

Combined Boosters

Holy Ball: +10% MHP, +10% MSP
Holy Orb: +20% MHP, +20% MSP
Holy Fob: +30% MHP, +30% MSP

Elemental Damage Boosters

Wind Boosters

Wind Vow: Wind Boost
Typhoon Promise: Wind Amp
Shinatobe Oath: Wind Overdrive

Electric Boosters

Electric Vow: Elec Boost
Storm Promise: Elec Amp
Takefutsu Oath: Elec Overdrive

Ice Boosters

Ice Vow: Ice Boost
Blizzard Promise: Ice Amp
Kuraokami Oath: Ice Overdrive

Fire Boosters

Fire Vow: Fire Boost
Inferno Promise: Fire Amp
Kagutsuchi Oath: Fire Overdrive

Dark Boosters

Dark Vow: Dark Boost
Shadow Promise: Dark Amp
Ereshkigal Oath: Dark Overdrive

Light Boosters

Light Vow: Light Boost
Brilliant Promise: Light Amp
Utu Oath: Light Overdrive

Elemental Damage Resistors

Wind Resistors

Gale Pin: Guard Wind
Gale Brooch: Resist Wind
Gale Veil: Void Wind

Electric Resistors

Volt Pin: Guard Elec
Volt Brooch: Resist Elec
Volt Veil: Void Elec

Ice Resistors

Snow Pin: Guard Ice
Snow Brooch: Resist Ice
Snow Veil: Void Ice

Fire Resistors

Blaze Pin: Guard Fire
Blaze Brooch: Resist Fire
Blaze Veil: Void Fire

Dark Resistors

Night Pin: Guard Dark
Night Brooch: Resist Dark
Night Veil: Void Dark

Light Resistors

Shining Pin: Guard Light
Shining Brooch: Resist Light
Shining Veil: Void Light

Status Effect Boosters

Michael Feather: Hama Boost
Lucifer Feather: Mudo Boost
Mouth of the Void: Nerve Boost
Voice of the Void: Mind Boost
Samael Wing: Ailment Boost

Status Effect Resistors

Gas Mask: Void poison
Buddha of Serenity: Void confusion
Alarm Clock: Void sleep
Cool Beads: Void rage
Sunglasses: Void illusion
Holy Water: Void curse
Homunculus: Void instant death
Holly Leaf: Void stone
Narcissus Rose: Void charm
Tax Receipt: Void joy
Pralidoxime: Void paralysis
Brave Lion: Void fear
Microphone: Void silence

Special Accessories

Ares Regalia: +150 PATK, +10 STR, -150 SATK, -10 MAG
Hera Regalia: +150 SATK, +10 MAG, -150 PATK, -10 STR
Artemis Regalia: +30% physical evasion, +30% magical evasion, +10 AGI, +10 LUC, -200 PDEF, -200 SDEF, -20 END
Haephestus Regalia: +150 PDEF, +150 SDEF, +20 END, -100 PATK, -100 SATK, -10 STR, -10 MAG

Other Accessories

Chakra Ring: SP costs reduced by 25%
Trip Alarm: Negates enemy initiative
Magatama Cloak: +20% physical evasion
Kotodama Veil: +20% magical evasion
Loki Boots: +10% physical evasion, +10% magical evasion
Berserk Ring: Auto-rage
Saint Ring: Healing effects increased by +25%
Synchro Ring: Negates combo attack delay
Omnipotent Orb: Void all status and damage except almighty

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