Season 43, Week 4
(Shadow Hearts: From the New World)
In a long road filled with destruction, Lady stood tall, menacing, unstoppable. Indalecio, the so-called Wiseman, is going to be naught but a speed bump - after all, she has defeated far greater foes than him, such as the highly feared summoner Yuna. Indalecio is pathetically unimpressive at full health, relying on the pathetically inaccurate Divine Wave and unimpressive elemental spells for his offense. And his dreaded limit in Time of Trial, against Lady, will be absolutely useless: Lady's offense is more than enough to fell the "angel" in a single swoop, which will render those abilities moot. The incarnation of Malice is inevitably heading towards a second Godlike belt, leaving her opponents to eat dust like the worms they are.



Curse that wretched Lady! Barely ranked, and yet the wench has already found a way to win a championship! The long-suffering(and perennially quickly defeated) Indalecio has finally gotten a chance to make a real mark in the arena with his victories, and hes not going to let some greenhorn make a fool out of him, even if she is a returning champion. Sure, Lady may be able to combo a large number of hits together for extremely impressive damage, but Indy only needs one single, solitary Earthquake to wreak havoc. All he has to do is sit back until he can activate the Time of Truth, and then bury Lady with his considerable magical might. After waiting so long for this chance for glory, Indalecio will not be denied!

A glorious explosion.

One man, floating above it all.


The end would come to all who had denied him!


"We really need to get Blue on anti-depressants or something." Ghaleon noted, as he watched Blue fly away from the scorched arena. "He does this every time he even considers that he's never been on a date."

"..." Terra stared blankly at the scorched earth. "...Can we just say Lady won because her Umbral kept her from blowing up?"

"It makes as much sense as reviving him only to have Lady redo the job, at any rate." Hrist shrugged.

Lady: 26
Indalecio: 20