Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (FE7)

Division: Middle
Ranking: 3.09
Wins: 1
Losses: 1

Of all the clans that dwell on the plains of Sacae, none are are strong or proud as the Kutolah, lead by the mighty Silver Wolf, Dayan. And yet, for all his strength and wisdom, he lacks one thing by his side: his son. For one day, when young Rath was less than four years of age, the tribe's diviner foretold of a great disaster that he had seen in the stars. As the tribe chieftain's son, young Rath was destined to save the land from a dark flame that threatened to consume the entire world. And so he set out on his lonely journey, not knowing right from left, and mocked by the men of the other tribes. And yet Rath went on, determined to train until that fated day arrived. He eventually found mercenary work as a bodyguard for the Marquess Araphen, until one day Lyn of the Lorca came, requesting aid against the treachery of her uncle Lundgren. Soon, the time would come when Rath would face the fiery doom he was destined to confront...

Season 32 Week 1 Middle Defeated Shana, 38 to 28
Season 32 Week 3 Middle Defeated by Mog, 76 to 16