Dragon Quest 8 (DQ8)

Division: Heavy
Ranking: 3.96
Wins: 1
Losses: 3

Holy knights have a long and honorable history in the Duelling League. Orlandu, Beatrix, Cecil... these names are known and spoken with reverance almost everywhere. So it should be no surprise that the Templar, Angelo, is as virtuous and upstanding as any. Yes, that's exactly what you'd think before you met Angelo. However, Angelo is unlike any knight, having considerably more in common with a scoundrel. Of course, what's not to love about a charming, fast talking scoundrel?
You can't get away with the life of a scoundrel without being able to deal with a few thugs and misunderstandings, though, and accordingly Angelo has an extensive and brutal talent for combat. Skilled with bows, swords, and staves, Angelo can pick a weapon for any situation. But his biggest advantage lies in magic; with Dazzle, Fizzle, Fuddle, and Whack at his command, Angelo can brutally cripple any opponent, and backed by Fullheal, defensive spells like Buff, and the mighty Bounce, capable of deflecting any spells the opponent might send his way, Angelo is as difficult to take down as he is to control. There's no doubt about it: Angelo is among the best duellers in the league, and whether it's for glory, fame or pleasurable company, you can be sure Angelo will find some motivation for living up to his potential.

Season 30 Week 1 Heavy Defeated by Claude Kenni, 48 to 37
Season 44 Week 1 Heavy Defeated by Antenora, 25 to 21
Season 52 Week 2 Heavy Defeated Yuber, 35 to 15
Season 52 Week 3 Heavy Defeated by Asellus, 33 to 13