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Author Topic: Phantasy Star 2 (Full)  (Read 5898 times)


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Phantasy Star 2 (Full)
« on: December 25, 2007, 05:05:06 PM »
EDIT: Some of this info is a touch outdated, etc.

Phantasy Star 2 characters, and such, yeah you know >.>

PS2 spells are not elemental in the traditional sense (no weakness, etc.), but the game meant them to be different. I gave them elements based on PS4 (Which means, yes, I changed Thu spells to Light and not Thunder even though they were originally meant that way, kind of), sans Megid, which seems clearly Non Elemental in this game, and Zan which is clearly wind, so to speak. Your milleage with this might change, but meh (note that I consider Gravity non elemental, so if you see Gravity, think Non elemental...)

Also, spells seem to have different hit rates. Hit rate order seems to go as follows (mostly only applies to Rolf, since no one else has that many Attack spells >>)

Megid > Thu/Tsus > Gras > Fois > Zans
Kain's Nagaj seems to hit as often as Foi spells. Please note that Fois are NOT lacking in accurracy, its just that you will see them miss from time to time (Zans now...) If you must know, i've seen the Thu/Tsus miss only once, and Megid never (and it hits multiple targets, so its chance of missing is higher), etc. This is basd purely off experience. And if anything, this could prove that Megid is unblockable, and the others are not.
Oh, and spells have a set damage range, meaning they do the same damage to all targets. Whether you consider them all ITD, or just enemies having all Average Magic defense, or letting things like Megid be ITD, and the others not is up to you.

Anyway, down to buisness >_>

Oh wait, that's right, equipment Qualification stuff for Non Storeboughts...

All Crystal Stuff is illegal. They are not storebought, and there's not enough to go around for each character. this isn't that big of a loss (Really only affects the characters forced to use Titanium or Ceramic stuff, since Crystal is a level below Laconian in power), but some characters ARE hurt. As far the Nei stuff, I allowed the following, and for the following Reasons:

NeiSword: Unique to Rolf, and its omre or less plot given to him, so to speak, but I think the "Unique to Rolf" part is enough
NeiShot: Unique to Rudo, like most guns, no problem
NeiSlasher: Unique to ANna, HOWEVER, there is only ONE Neislasher, so I only allowed one. Should she want a second, she's forced to use the AC Slasher (for those curious, its the Laconian level slasher, its just called AC for god knows what reason), unless of couse she wants to use some weaker weapon...
NeiCrown: Unique to Amy. Why Shir and Anna can't use it, who knows, but you getthe point.

Fire Rods are unique to Amy, and its reasonably easy to get 2, so she gets 2 of those. The Scarfs are all unique, or only 2 characters can use it, and there's enough to go around (be it from shir stealing it from a shop, or chests) Storm Gear is Unique to Kain. everything else I believe it Storebought...

Damage for Physicals tested on those Wizard guys in the final dungeon, being that anything else has totally jacked up defense which hey want to force you to use Magic on (mind, those who haven't play PS2, that's basically the way the game is set up. There's monsters with reasonable defense where physicals do damage, and monsters (mostly robots) where they want you to waste Kain and Rolf's TP to kill, making your life harder)

Finally...set ups listed, and reasons why:
Like PS4, everyone can use 2 Shields or 2 Weapons, or 1 Twohanded weapon, or 1 Shield + 1 Handed Weapon. So, here's what I deduced for everyone...

-Rolf almost always wants a sword. The defense gained from the Shield isn't that big, though, it might be hadny at times, in case he needs all the defense he can get, so I noted what a 2 Shield set up does. He should NEVER use 1 Shield, since the NeiSword has BETTER defense than a lone Ceramic Shield, and it nerfs his damage to hell...
-Nei cna't use Shields, so no problems
-Rudo loses instantly if he uses 2 shields, since he has only physicals and now can't attack. If he uses one shield, his damage will suck beyond belief (forced to use the Laser Knife...yeah...)
Everyone else has one handed weapons. Of them, Anna and Amy always want at least one weapon, since they're best magic damage is Foi which you can plainly see won't go far. Shir, Hugh, and Kain all have magic to fall back on where they might want 2 Shields, and all uise 2 Handed weapons.
THus for those 5, I listed them all with one weapon as a default set up. Keep in Mind Anna probably wants 2 Weapons, though, but meh, too lazy to change that. Kain and Amy probably want 2 weapons as well, since they don't have much damage outside thier physicals either, so I'll probably change thier default set ups, but as of now, they keep that one shield.

Anyway, here are what stast mean:

HP: Having 0 of this means you live...or was it the other way around?
TP: MP in the Traditional sense (IOW, you need to this cast magic)
Strength: Its suppose to factor in for physical admage, but PS2 is wierd like that, so...yeah
Mental: Magic defense, so it seems (Rolf takes less than others from magic *Shrugs*) Not magic damage, since magic has a set range
Agility: Speed, ph34r OMG!
Luck: Since critical hit rates don't exist in this game, your guess is as good as mine...
Dextrty: Accurracy I believe, and possibly Evade
Attack: Like strength, this doesn't do as much as it implies...
Defense: Physical defense, no comment otherwise

Rolf Landale:

HP: 205
TP: 110
Strength: 233
Mental: 184
Agility: 140
Luck: 172
Dextrty: 170
Attack: 310
Defense: 273

Equipment Options: Rolf can opt for 2 Cer Shields which boosts his Defense by 30 points. Due to the amount of Attack Magic he has, being unable to go physical is not neccessarily a bad thing, so this set up may be favorable in some situations.

Attack: 120 damage
Nafoi: 135 Fire damage, 12 TP
Nathu: 160 Light damage, 20 TP
Nazan: 100 Wind damage, 11 TP
Gires: Heals 60 HP, 7 TP
Megid: 400 damage, 55 TP

Laser Bar
Laser Bar
Fiber Vest
Knife Boots

HP: 143
TP: 62
Strength: 99
Mental: 72
Agility: 83
Luck: 68
Dextrty: 69
Attack: 156
Defense: 103

Attack: 25 damage
Res: Heals 20 HP, 3 TP
Anti: Recovers from Poison, 2 TP

NOTE: Nei's stats are taken at level 36, only cause of her obscene Level Growth, and taht's the level she was when she left. Her HP and TP may be off, since I'm speaking from memory,seeing as the game does NOT list those stats at Rolf's House in game when checking on the character. I'll get her stats later when I get home.
NOTE2: Ignore Nei's stats, look at Gourry's for a better idea of how to scale her, since Nei basically gains levels like mad, and such, and shuld be scaled when she leaves.

Rudolph Steiner:

HP: 254
TP: 0 (what? He doesn't have use for it...)
Strength: 234 (shame its worthless)
Mental: 134
Agility: 113
Luck: 103
Dextrty: 113
Attack: 242
Defense: 252

Note: Rudo can opt for the Crescegear lowering his defense by 15, but lets him Cast "Gires" in battle for free when used as an item. Handy seeing as he doesn't have healing otherwise. Gires is idetnical to Rolf's (60 healing)

Attack: 100 damage, Ignores Defense
NOTE: Guns appear to be immune moves that specifically designed to change Physical damage. Rudo got hit with plenty of Attack Ability downs, and he was still doing the usual damage (95 to 105 range) with Neishot. And Shift didn't change its damage either. Personally, I'd interpret it as a set damage range of 95 to 105 or so.

Amy Sage:
Fire Staff
Lacon Emel
Crmc Cape
Hirza Boots

HP: 172
TP: 118
Strength: 117
Mental: 132
Agility: 73
Luck: 148
Dextrty: 159
Attack: 122
Defense: 254

Notes: I listed Amy using a Shield and a Weapon, however, if she chooses, she can opt for 2 Lacon Emels, raising her defense by 57 more than this set up has, though, forces her to Rely on her magic for damage. Likewise, she can opt for 2 Fire Staves, while only increasing her power by 32, actually doubles her damage (yeah, you can't really rely on stats, but its logical, since she's smacking the enemy with 2 Staves instead of 1, so yeah...) Oh yeah, she can cast Foi for free, which also ignores Silence status (like all Spell Casting items...) using a Fire Rod, if she ever needs that. Also, AMy can opt for Poison Shots in case she needs ITD attacks and to use all her TP on Healing.

Attack (Fire Rod): 25 damage
Attack (Poison Shot): 20 damage, Ignores Defense
Foi: 16 FIre Damage, 2 TP
*Gra: 10 Gravity damage, 8 TP
Nares: Full healing, 13 TP
Anti: Recover from Poison, 2 TP
Shu: Halves Physical Damage recieved, 3 TP
Deban: Halves Magical Damage recieved, 4 TP
Saner: Doubles Speed, 6 TP

Umm...yeah, Amy has Offensive issues, anybody should be able to figure that out...I guess the 2 Fire Rods would be favorable, since 50 Damage IS noticiable...still pretty shoddy...
NOTE: Despite popular belief, Silence Shot does NOT silence enemies. It actually paralyzes the enemy. Mind, PS2 Paralyze is equivalent of PS4 Sleep, hence doubtful this would see ANY use in the DL, especially since its 2 Handed, and her speed is attrocious, way too low to make any use of it anyway.

Hugh Thompson:
Lacn Mace
Lac Shield
Crmc Chest

HP: 149
TP: 111
Strngth: 121
Mental: 117
Agility: 80
Luck: 137
Dextrty: 113
Attack: 118
Defense: 258

Notes: Hugh can opt for a 2nd Lac Shield if he wishes to be a pure mage, in which case, his defense raises 77 Points. Likewise, eh can opt for a Lacn Mace instead, doubling his Physical damage output, but lowering his Defense by a good 77. I would mention that Hugh can equip the Amber Robe to cast Gires for free, however, his Defense drops by 26 points, and since he already knows Gires, it might not be worth it. And if he wishes, he can also use Poison Shots (or 2 of them) like Amy in case he needs ITD physicals, but due to his skill set (Which actually does damage), he should probably never need them.

Attack: 35 damage
Gifoi: 40 Fire damage, 6 TP
Gizan: 25 wind damage, 7 TP
Gigra: 35 Gravity damage, 8 TP
Doran: Confuses Biological enemies, 2 TP (Have yet to figure out what PS2 Confuse is)
Shiza: Stops Bio from attacking, 6 TP
Rimit: Paralyzes Bio, 3 TP
Vol: Instant Death to Bio, 7 TP
Gires: Heals 60 HP, (7 TP)

Notes: How you interpret Hugh's abilities are up to you. They work on "Biological" enemies, which I guess you could consider most of RPGP seeing as most of them are *Gasp* Living Creatures! Also, before you bring in things like "VP Characters are spiritual" and such, I'd like to point out that these moves also work on everything in the final dungeon, including those Ghost like enemies, so yeah, I guess it comes down that if your NOT Mechanical, it works on you. Take this as you will, but understand that it makes or breaks his rank.

Anna Kirski:
Ac Slasher (Laconemel)
Shuneboots (Long Boots)

HP: 180
TP: 65
Strngth: 160
Mental: 98
Agility: 124 (121)
Luck: 121
Dextrty: 172
Attack: 174/177 (132/135)
Defense: 196 (264)

Notes: Nothing much, besides that she can cast Saner for free with her Colorscarf, but seeing as she already knows the spell, more or less, and she has no other reason to use TP, its not really worth mentioing. I listed Anna in 2 different set ups, since well, like Rudo, she's TOTALLY reliant on her physicals to do damage, however, her weapons are one handed, allowing her to opt for a defensive set up if she pleases.

Attack: 90 damage (55 damage)
Shift: Raises Attack Power, 5 TP
Attack w/ Shift: 112 damage (68 damage)
Ner: Raies speed, 2 TP
Foi: 15 Fire damage, 2 TP
Zan: 18 wind damage, 4 TP
Fanbi: Drains 9 HP from the enemy (!!!) and heals her for that much, 5 TP

Note: I am not sure if Shift is stackable or not, enemies are a pain to check against and such. Ner's boost is hard to determine. What I DO knows is that after Ner, Shir and Rolf were STILL faster than her on average, making the boost not that great. My guess is 20%, based of the damage increase from Shift, but I really can't say. I listed Fanbi only may be helpful if she needs to ummm...well...bah, yes, probably the worst Parasitic healing I've seen if not the worst period...

Joshua Kain:
Storm Gear
Lacn Mace
Lac Shield

HP: 181
TP: 107
Strength: 155
Mental: 88
Agility: 111
Luck: 148
Dextrty: 126
Attack: 121
Defense: 273

Notes: Kain can use the Storm Gear to cast Gizan for free. He can, like many others, opt for a 2 Shield Set up or 2 Weapon set up. With 2 shields, he can't attack physically, but gains 77 points of defense, or he can opt for a 2nd Laconian Mace, lowering his defense by 77, and doubling his physical damage output.

Attack: 40 damage
Gizan: 25 Wind damage, 7 TP (he'd be stupid to cast it this way...)
*Gra: 10 Gravity Damage
Nagaj: 150 damage to Mechanical Enemies, 15 TP
Forsa: Confuses Robots, 1 TP
Conte: Stops Robots attacks, 6 TP
Rimet: Paralyzes Robots, 3 TP
Brose: Instant death to Robots, 8 TP

NOTES: In the final dungeon, everything is affected by Kain's attacks, even things obviously NOT mechanical like Dragons are affected. Personally, I would at least interpret it that Undeads (Gau w/ undead rage or Neclord), Demons (like Dark Force, who IN GAME gets hit), and Dragons get hurt by these attacks as well, since they obviously do so in game. Poor guy, though, even taking that into account, the amount of enemies he can hurt with most of his spells is countable with Fingers, I bet. He utterly destroys the likes of Robo and Gadget (Worker 8 is left to interpretaion), but has problems otherwise.

Shir Gold:
Wind Scarf
Laser Knfe
Truth Slvs
Crmc Cape

HP: 166
TP: 52
Strngth: 113
Mental: 65
Agility: 150 (wow, another stat Rolf is NOT #1 in)
Luck: 98
Dextrty: 112
Attack: 95
Defense: 236

Notes: Shir can opt for a Ceramic Emel instead of the Laser Knfe, raising her Defense by 35, and forcing her to go Magical. Shir can also opt for a 2nd Laser Knfe, doubling her physical damage output, and lowering her defense by 44. Shir can cast Gires for free with Truth Slvs, and Zan with Wind Scarf for free. Note that she already KNOWS both spells, just that she can cast it for free with this method, and it gets by Silence status effect. Of course, if you don't allow Item casting, then ignore this fact altogether.

Attack: 20 damage
Gifoi: 40 Fire damage, 6 TP
Zan: 18 Wind Damage, (4 TP)
Nazan: 100 wind damage, 9 TP
*Nagra: 70 Gravity damage, 20 TP
Gires: Heals 60 HP, (7 TP)

Stat Comparisons:
NOTE: I'm listing Nei where she falls, only so you get an idea, granted, its not gonna look very good. Likewise, anything listed in Parantheses is NOT being factored into the average.
Maximum Damage Output: Average 127
1. Rolf 400 (Megid) O_o
(Rolf not being overpowered 160 (Nathu))
(Kain vs. Machine/Dragon/Undead 150 (Nagaj))
(Anna w/ Shift 112 (Physical))
2t. Rudo 100 (Physical)
2t. Shir 100 (Nazan)
4. Anna 90 (Physical)
5. Kain 80 (Physical)
6. Hugh 70 (Physical)
7. Amy 50 (Physical
(Nei 50)
NOTE: I assumed everyone with 2 Weapons here, so damage is halved for Kain, Hugh, and Amy, and Anna goes down to about 50 or so.

Notes: Rolf's Megid is so horrendously powerful that it trumps the damage curve so badly no one can even get close to average. I wouldn't take this literally, since I can't see Rudo and Shir using Nagra and a Shifted Anna doing "Below" average damage.
But in case it helps...
Non Megid Maximum damage outputs: Average 93
NOTE: For THIS average, I changed Rolf from 400 (Megid) to 160 (Nathu), which is still rank #1 for Damage Output, just doesn't destroy the average as much (Still brings it up a bit though). Personally, I'd use this to determine damage output, if only cause we don't have Megid destroying the average so badly that nobody gets even close to Average. But that's just me.

HP: Average 187
1. Rudo 254
2. Rolf 205
3. Kain 181
4. Anna 180
5. Amy 172
6. Shir 166
7. Hugh 149
(Nei 143)

Random Observation: Umm...Rudo really brings the average up quite a bit...

Agility: Average 113
1. Shir 150
2. Rolf 140
3. Anna 124 (121)
4. Rudo 113
5. Kain 111
(Nei 83)
6. Hugh 80
7. Amy 73

Random Observation: Wow, I always thought Rudo was average speed...I never realized how right I was...

Mental: Average 117
1. Rolf 184 (O_O)
2. Rudo 134
3. Amy 132
4. Hugh 117
5. Anna 98
6. Kain 88
(Nei 72)
7. Shir 65 (Everyone, Laugh at Shir for having lower Mental than Nei!)

Random Observation: Despite how Goldy Rolf's stat is in this case, its compensated for by Shir's HORRID Mental stat which brings it back down, so that Hugh, who si right in the middle, is Dead Average.

Luck: Average 132
1. Rolf 172
2t. Amy 148
2t.Kain 148
4. Hugh 137
5. Anna 121
6. Rudo 103
7. Shir 98 (Aren't thieves suppose to have good Luck O_o?)
(Nei 68)

Random Observation: I'd make a comment on this...but I have no frigging Clue WHAT this stat does...

Dextrty: Average 138
1. Anna 172
2. Rolf 170
3. Amy 159
4.Kain 126
5t.Rudo 113
5t.Hugh 113
7.Shir 112
(Nei 69)

Random Observations: Shir is a Thief, yet, she has lowest Luck AND Dextrty? Maybe she should reconsider her occupation...And looking at these stats, I'm now almost 100% sure Dextrty *is* Accurracy. Rolf and Anna have amazing Accurracy rarely ever missing the enemy, while Rudo tends to miss relativly often compared to the others, but understand Rolf's Accurracy is NOT utter ****, he just gets misses more often than the other characters. Even more that makes me sure is Nei, who makes Rudo look like Rolf for accurracy, even taking into account when you get her (she tends to miss pretty darn often)

Defense: Average 258
(Double Shield Kain 350)
(Double Shield Hugh 335)
(Double Shield Amy 311)
(Shield Rolf 303)
1t. Rolf 273
1t. Kain 273
(Double Shield Shir 271)
3. Anna w/ Shield 264
4. Hugh 258
5. Amy 254
6. Rudo 252
7. Shir 236
(Anna w/out Shield 198)
(No shield Amy 197)
(No Shield Kain 196)
(No shield Shir 192)
(No Shield Hugh 181)
(Nei 108 (uhh.....yeah...))

Random Observations: Amy, Hugh and Kain all have higher Defense than Rudo O_o? I guess that's what happens when they opt for Shields. I really don't see Rudo has having Below Average Defense, taking into account that only Rolf takes hits better than he does...
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Re: Phantasy Star 2 (PCs)
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2007, 05:06:12 PM »
HP: 107
AGI: 66.88 (16.2 SD)
Damage: 80.8 (Assuming best damage and 2 weapons)
2.5 Kill Point: 202

Lv16 Rolf
HP: 117
TP: 67
STR: 105
MNT: 104
AGI: 72
LCK: 86
DEX: 94
ATK: 185
DEF: 155

Titanimet- +16 DEF
LasrSword- +100 ATK, +18 DEF
Ceramic Chest- +46 DEF
Boots- +7 DEF, +3 AGI

Physical- 78
Foi- 14 Damage
GiFoi- 41 Fire Damage
Tsu- ~30 Thunder Damage
Zan- ~60 Wind Damage (Group)
Res- Heals 20 damage
Gra- ~57 (Group)
GiThu- 81 Thunder Damage
NaFoi- 141 Fire Damage
GiZan- 85 Wind Damage (Group)
GiRes- Heals 60 Damage

Lv32 Nei
HP: 114...(106.5%)
TP: 67
STR: 116
MNT: 66
AGI: 78...(+0.686 SD)
LCK: 71
DEX: 74
ATK: 146
DEF: 100

Jewel Ribbon- +21 DEF
Laser Bar- +38 ATK, +3 DEF
Laser Bar- +38 ATK, +3 DEF
FiberVest- +6 DEF
KnifeBoots- +8 DEF, +5 AGI

Stuff she does
Physical- 52 (104)
Res- Heals 20
Sak- Nei dies to heal an ally. USELESS IN DUEL.
Nasak- Nei dies to heal the party. DITTO.

Lv16 Rudo
HP: 148
TP: 0
STR: 163
MNT: 81
AGI: 63
LCK: 55
DEX: 55
ATK: 114
DEF: 176

Titanigear- +14 DEF
Laser Cannon- +60 ATK
Ceramic Armor- +48 DEF
Boots- +7 DEF, +3 AGL

Physical- 52 ITD damage.
With 2 LaserKnives, Rudo gains 10 DEF. He does roughly 35 for each, netting him a higher raw damage score this way. However, with higher defense enemies (this applies in game as well), he will want a gun rather than two knives.

Lv15 Amy
HP: 85
TP: 62
STR: 59
MNT: 75
AGI: 39
LCK: 79
DEX: 88
ATK: 57
DEF: 132

Silver Crown- +14 DEF
Acid Shot- +25 ATK
Fiber Emel- +17 DEF
Ceramic Cape- +56 DEF
Boots- +7 DEF, +3 AGI

Physical- 18 (36. Two Acid Shots) damage.
With a Laser Knife setup, she does around 27 for each Laser Knife she has equipped. This is at expense of ITD damage from AcidShots, and defense from FiberEmel if she chooses to use 2.

Res- Heals 20
Shu- Increases Defense.
Deban- Uhh...?
Foi- 16 Fire Damage
Gires- Heals 60 damage.
Sar- Heals 20 to all allies
Sashu- Increase Defense for everyone
Nares- Full healing.

Lv16 Anna
HP: 100
TP: 43
STR: 100
MNT: 80
AGI: 78
LCK: 79
DEX: 103
ATK: 119
DEF: 143

Silver Crown: +14 DEF
2 Laser Slashers: +30 ATK each
Ceramic Cape: +56 DEF
Knifeboots: +7 ATK, +5 DEF, +5 AGI

Physical- 41 per Slasher

Foi- 13
Ner- Increases Agility
Shift- Increases ATK

HP: 100
TP: 60
STR: 77
MNT: 72
AGI: 48
LCK: 77
DEX: 57
ATK: 90
DEF: 107

Titanigear- +14 DEF
2 AcidShots: +25 ATK
Ceramic Chest: +46 DEF
Boots- +7 DEF, +3 AGI

Physical- 20 per Acid Shot.

Rimit- Causes Paralysis on BioMonsters. It has a fairly low hit rate.
Doran- Causes Insanity.
Gen- 18 damage to Bios.
Sagen- 60 damage to Bios.
Shiza- Silence.
Res- Heals 20 damage.
Foi- 14 Fire Damage
GiFoi- 40 Fire Damage
Vol- 500! damage to bios

Lv16 Kain
HP: 106
TP: 56
STR: 81
MEN: 60
AGI: 70
LCK: 82
DEX: 64
ATK: 107
DEF: 129

Titanigear: +14 DEF
2 LaserKnife: +28 ATK, +5 DEF
CRMC Chest: +46 DEF
Boots: +7 DEF, +3 AGI

Physical: 35 per LaserKnife

Foi: 14 damage
Zan: 20 damage
Gra: 21 damage

The following only work on machines
Forsa: Machine goes nuts. Dunno what this entails, exactly.
Eijia: 45 to machines
Rimet: Paralyzes machines.
Gaj: ~20 to machines
Conte: Machines are "quiet." Silenced, I guess.
Gigaj: ~61 to machines
Sag: 21 to a group of machines

Lv16 Shir
HP: 89
TP: 34
STR: 85
MEN: 35
AGI: 87
LCK: 54
DEX: 69
ATK: 100
DEF: 144

SilvCrown: +14 DEF
2 LaserKnife: +28 ATK, +5 DEF
Ceramic Cape: +56 DEF
KnifeBoots: +7 ATK, +5 DEF, +5 AGI

Physical: 33 per LaserKnife

Foi: 14 damage
Res: Heals 20 damage.
Gifoi: 40 damage
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[21:39] <+Mega_Mettaur> Sonic Chaos
[21:39] <+Hello-NewAgeHipsterDojimaDee> That's -brilliant-.

[17:02] <+Tengu_Man> Raven is a better comic relief PC than A


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Re: Phantasy Star 2 (Full)
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2007, 05:08:24 PM »
NEifirst stats by Dhyer:

Neifirst- 1100HP
Faster than Rolf (always went first against this party)

Average PC: 105 (Rolf, Rudo, Amy)
“Energy Sword"- 62 ST physical damage (62 Damage to Rolf (136 Def), 50 to Rudo (171 Def), 74 to Amy (120 Def)) (Extremely accurate-I may have seen it miss before the testing, but never it missed during it).

“Hand of Doom”- 30 MT physical damage (About 60% Accurate)

Damage Against Her
Nafoi- 130
Rolf’s Attack- 35x2
Rudo’s Attack- 31x2
Amy’s Attack- 10 and 28 (One Fire Stave, One Poisonshot)
Amy’s Nafoi- 15
Average: 77 (83 w/ Two Fire Staves) (71 w/0 Fire Staves)
(Fairly standard defenses based on Gourry's notes)

Overall: Solid Heavy boss. 2HKOes, solid HP (2 PC HP by the harsher types of scaling), and good speed. Very one-dimensional though.


Lightning quick boss notes. Level 26 used. I used a walkthrough for the entire second part and dungeons are mazes, so the levels are arguably low. Team used was Rolf/Rudo/Anna/Amy and I don't even consider the others for this topic. Lightning quick I say. You can't even see the damage you do to them so yeah.

Average HP is 172
Average damage is... around 90.

Dark Force
"Monster in a box!"

HP: 2560
Defense: 30 (Vaguely average)
Fast as hell (Always goes first in a game with lots of random varience. Even after Saner)

Turn evil: Turns a character evil! 100%, can last for one turn, can last near forever. Don't think it can be blocked, even with the power of friendship. Sometimes the Nei sword will randomly dispel this on everyone, but this is rare. The character inflicted picks one stupid thing and sticks to it until the spell is dispelled, he also can't do anything else. Includes:
- Being greedy and stealing items from other PCs
- Being lazy (Laziness = EVLI guys) and losing agility. Lasts only one round.
- Being doubtful and losing attack power? Lasts only one round.
- Being a traitor and trying to run away. Lasts only one round.
- Being crushed by despair which does nothing beyond losing turns
- Losing confidence which seals techniques for the rest of the fight
Lightning: 91, MT

Comments: Kind of an ubered Dark Cloud or durable Zeromus with some Pyramid like status. Godlike.

Mother Brain
"Murder on the dancefloor - You better not kill the groove"

HP: 2450
Defense: 120 (Really damn high. Should reduce average physical damage to around 1/3-1/4 of its original value)
As damn fast as Dark Force.

Nuke: 76, MT
Super Eye Laser: 46

Comments: Good physical spoiling but lacking in damage, high heavy.
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[21:39] <+Mega_Mettaur> Sonic Chaos
[21:39] <+Hello-NewAgeHipsterDojimaDee> That's -brilliant-.

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Re: Phantasy Star 2 (Full)
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2007, 05:09:12 PM »

PS2 stats need burning.
As far as I can tell (so far), strength does nothing. At all. Ever.

Attack is the closest thing to an operative stat as far as damage is concerned and it's a complete misrepresentation anyway.


Damage, at least for knives and swords and not for guns, not having checked the rest of the weapons yet, derives from the following-

((((IA + V) x 512) / (100 + 5D)) x (WA + 2)) / 512

IA - Inherent attack. The Attack score a character has if you deequip all their attack+ equipment.
V - Variance. Random from 84 to 115.
D - enemy defence
WA - Weapon attack. Interesting to note that, for example, the 100 ATK Laser Sword counts as 50 ATK; it's listed as 100 because each hand adds on 50. Way to go, apparent attack stat.

The equation can be collapsed to

((IA + V) x (WA + 2)) / (100 + 5D)

but this removes some integer rounding. It is probably close enough however.

I expect the rest of the non-gun weapons run under the same equation.

In any case, getting an extra point of inherent attack raises damage by (WA + 2)/(100 + 5D) whereas swapping to a weapon with one extra WA raises damage by (~100 + IA)/(100 + 5D). Way to be worth something, inherent attack. Better than Strength I suppose >_>


Defence runs on basically the same equation as damage.

((((EA + V) x 512) / (5D + 100)) x EA) / 512

EA = Enemy Attack Power
D = Character's Defence Power
V = Variance, which here is random from 68 to 131

Or there's the collapsed version which is

EA x (EA + V)/(5D + 100)

Every point of defence being worth five would be especially nice if it wasn't on the bottom half of a fraction.


Singlefire Guns have a much simpler equation as one may expect.

Damage = (Gun Power x Variance)/100.

Variance - Random from 92 to 107.
Gun Power - Typically, Gun Power isn't the gun's WAttack score -_- And so I will recite a list.

Bow Gun - 5
Sonic Gun - 7
Poisonshot - 10
Acidshot - 20
Cannon - 28
Laser Shot - 35
Laser Cannon - 53
Pulse Cannon - 60
Neishot - 100

It's bad enough that the Attack stat is completely pointless already without having the guns adding on WAttack that doesn't even MEAN anything. Thh.

Spread guns use the same formula as above but fire multiple times. Specifically, the Shotgun fires twice, the Vulcan fires thrice, and the Pulse Vulcan fires four times. Each seperate shot has its own chance to miss, and they can stack up on the same enemy if there's less enemies in the group to the right of the initial target than there are shots left. I have no idea as to how they're distributed if say the Pulse Vulcan is used on a group of three enemies but I don't believe this situation likely to come up.

Anyway, powers for the spreaders. Will the Pulse Vulcan be anywhere near its supposed 76 power? No!

Shotgun - 10
Vulcan - 16
Pulse Vulcan - 18


This is true for knives and guns, so I expect it to remain true for all general attacking.

Accuracy IS based off Dexterity, as was surmised. The enemies counter it with agility so I expect the characters will as well but that's neither here nor there at the moment.

Accuracy is so simple, it doesn't even get an equation. It gets a list of conditions.

-If the attacker's Dex is less than half the defender's agility, then the attack has a hit rate of 204/255 (80%)
-If the attacker's Dex is between 0.5 times the defender's agility and 1.5 times the defender's agility, then the attack has a hit rate of 229/255 (90%)
-If the attacker's Dex is more than 1.5 times the defender's agility, then the attack has a hit rate of 255/255 (100%).

If the character is flagged (some status condition or other that I don't know what it is currently), then the hit rate is halved. The enemy status in the same slot is Insanity which has roughly the same effect, so it may be that... but I don't remember any enemies having the ability to inflict it.


Does not exist. The three normal random calls made during a monster's attack are for deciding whether or not it should use its special, who it should target, and how much variance the attack is going to do. I also pumped Rolf up to 512 Agility and sat him against some Polezis who utterly failed to miss him around 80 times in a row.


Magic damage is the same as gun damage except with more variance and less telling you numbers that don't mean anything.

Damage = (Spell Power x Variance)/100

Variance - Random from 84 to 115

Spell powers for completeness' sake:
Foi - 15
Gifoi - 40
Nafoi - 130
Zan - 20
Gizan - 30
Nazan - 100
Gra - 20
Gigra - 40
Nagra - 80
Tsu - 30
Githu - 80
Nathu - 150
Fanbi - 10
Eijia - 23
Gaj - 20
Gigaj - 60
Nagaj - 150
Sag - 20
Gisag - 60
Nasag - 150
Gen - 20
Sagen - 20
Megid - 400


Accuracy for Magic is all preset and not based on statistics.

Foi Series - 90%
Zan Series - 90%
Gra Series - 90%
Tsu Series - 90%
Fanbi - 100%
Eijia - 100%
Gaj - 100%
Gigaj/Nagaj - 90%
Sag Series - 90%
Gen Series - 90%
Megid - 100%

Brose - 50%
Conte - 100%
Vol - 60%
Savol - 70%
Shiza - 100%
Doran - 80%
Rimit - 50%
Shinb - 100%
Forsa - 50%
Rimet - 40%

All healing/buffing/etc - 100%

Most interesting thing here is Savol's 10% accuracy gain over Vol, which might make it the better choice...

Being PS2 Silenced halves the accuracy of magic, for those who take defender's versions of status (anyone actually do that >_>?)


Paralysis as inflicted by Hugh's Rimit, Kain's Rimet, and the Silentshot, has a 30% chance of paralyzing for 1 turn, 30% chance of paralyzing for 2 turns, and 40% chance of paralyzing for 3 turns.

Paralysis can be reapplied while it's still active, but the turn count gets OR'd together for some reason. In general, applying Paralysis over Paralysis will take it up to the maximum three turns unless it's 1 turn paralysis on 1-turn-left paralysis in which case it stays one.


Kain's Forsa and Hugh's Doran inflict insanity, which... make the inflictee miss with normal attacks on a flat 50%. This appears to come up after the check for whether the attack is evaded normally or not which I haven't found yet. Reverse SRT Doubleimage then >_>


Hugh's Shiza's and Kain's Conte's Silence infliction makes the hit rate of enemy special attacks get halved. Not exactly the most impressive implementation of Silence ever -_- On the other hand, if you interpret this as applying to any attack that's not a basic physical...


Enemy special attacks have four different slots of accuracy. For example, the Ohx' TP draining special has accuracy slots of 70%/60%/50%/40%, with the 70% being the basic accuracy. For every 50 Luck the target has, the attack accuracy gets shifted along to the next slot (maxing at three slots along, obviously).

Or at least, that's how it's SUPPOSED to work. Except when they're loading Luck to divide it by 50, they load a full four bytes instead of Luck's two. Meaning my scrubby Rolf here instead having his 0x000D (14) luck divided by 50 resulting in no change of accuracy has his 0x0011000D (1,114,125) 'luck' divided by 50 -_- Thankfully they had a test to drop it down to 3 slots (in case of >200 luck and so forth) otherwise god knows what parts of the program everything'd be using for accuracy instead of the table.

I don't think that the Mega Drive had 32 bit registers so I expect this a problem due to the porting and not the game itself.

In any case, I'm not entirely sure how the mechanic can be made to mesh well against other games anyway. The different accuracy sets don't all have 10% drops and so forth.


(Sa)Ner raises Agility by 10. Appears to be stackable indefinitely.
(Sa)Shu raises Defence by 20. Appears to be stackable indefinitely.
Shift raises Inherent Attack by 20. Appears to be stackable indefinitely.


Turn speed is given by Agility + V where V ranges from 0 to 15. After this I assume that turns run in order from highest turn speed to lowest but it's resisting my attempts to figure out what's going on currently and I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't the case, considering the game.


Which I found while I was looking for evasion and isn't strictly relevant to the DL but I thought I'd throw it in anyway. Enemies roll from 0-7, and on:
0-2 they attack Character 1 (middle-left in battle)
3-5 they attack Character 2 (middle-right in battle)
6 they attack Character 3 (far-left in battle)
7 they attack Character 4 (far-right in battle)

If the target they roll is invalid due to a small party or the character being dead, then they reroll until they get a valid one.


It seems that Strength and Mental don't end up having anything to do with levelling up. Are they just flavour stats!?

Power Boost thing is not strictly accurate either. It tends to be in effect but not in implementation.

Every character has a base stat spread gain for each level. The numbers of this are multiplied by Variance/256 to create the actual gains.
In this case Variance runs from 128 to 383, meaning characters gain roughly anywhere between 0.5 times the listed gain to 1.5 times it.

For example Rolf's Level 2 Strength gain is 6, so he'll get anywhere between 3 and 8.

Levelup base gains -
[21:39] <+Mega_Mettaur> so Snow...
[21:39] <+Mega_Mettaur> Sonic Chaos
[21:39] <+Hello-NewAgeHipsterDojimaDee> That's -brilliant-.

[17:02] <+Tengu_Man> Raven is a better comic relief PC than A


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Re: Phantasy Star 2 (Full)
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2014, 06:31:54 PM »
Hey, some small mechanical notes that got dug up on the RHDN boards (a couple people there are working on a bugfix patch or somesuch.  Some of these are already in the post above I think.

Strength, Mental, and Luck stats have no effect whatsoever.  (Luck WOULD have an effect if not for the bug described above.)
Dexterity is bugged too.  It does something (affects accuracy), but the to-hit check overflows beyond 255 Dexterity.  Not that it matters to the DL since you don't hit 255 Dexterity until severely overkill levels.
Shift boosts Attack, Agility and Dexterity by 20.
Shu and Sashu boost Defense by 20.
Ner and Saner boost Agility by 10.
Nares and Nasar do restore a fixed amount of HP when used in battle!  It's absurdly overkill though, they restore 10000 HP.  On the world map, they restore an amount of HP exactly equal to max HP.
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