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8/13/2013 LFT Update!

Posted by Laggy on August 14, 2013

LFT has been updated with a few quality of life changes and minor balance tweaks. The major changes to note are:

  • Random encounters now only occur when you deliberately select to move to the map location with the random encounter (i.e. you will never get random encounters while transitioning over a spot). The direction of your approach still matters for which encounters you can get.
  • Starting generics now have preset Br and Fa values. Squires have 70/60, Chemists have 70/70. They also start at JLV2 for their respective jobs. You can rename them at the Soldier Office if you wish.
  • Added no-music versions of the patch (in-game music disabled).

You can see the full changelog post here and discuss on the thread.

LFT+Complete Update

Posted by Laggy on August 9, 2011

After months of dawdling, the LFT+Complete patch (essentially LFT with most of the elements of the PSP translation incorporated) has been updated to the latest and tentatively final version.

Massive, massive thanks to the Vice President of the Great United States of America for his hard patriotic work in making this possible, and his help with the project in general.

The patch can be downloaded straight from here. For more information and/or patching instructions, just check out LFT’s main page.

Games Update: FF3 EVIL TYPE 1.1 Release

Posted by Djinn on May 15, 2011

Long-time Final Fantasy VI Hacker, SageAcrin, brings us his latest update to the Evil Type patch in 3 years.

FF3 Evil Type is a rebalancing patch the focuses on improving monster/boss AI and stats, rather than the standard practice of nerfing PC skills/equips. The forum topic highlights all of the changes.

Download the patch, talk about the changes, or just check it out here:

SageAcrin’s Final Fantasy III Evil Type 1.1 Topic

Guides Section Update

Posted by Djinn on March 5, 2011

The RPGDL is now hosting User-Created Content. Our members have been steadily researching games and writing Guides and Articles for over a decade, and most of these Guides are now collected on our main site. Check ’em out while we get our main tournament page back in order and ready for voting.

Launch: New RPGDL Format

Posted by Djinn on February 24, 2011

Welcome to the RPG Duelling League main hub.

The RPGDL is the result of hundreds of hours of research into the inner workings of RPGs and game design by a large community of gaming enthusiasts, mathematicians, writers, artists, and aspiring game designers.

The RPGDL features the largest compilation of comparative character stats for over 100 RPGs, including bosses and temporary characters for most games. Additionally, there is a weekly Duelling Tournament hosted on the site for fun to put these stats into action for people vote on the outcome of such legendary matches like Kefka vs. Sephiroth.

Our writing staff is also hard at work producing a variety of articles:

  • Standard gaming FAQs
  • Reviews: by RPG fans, for RPG fans
  • Translations of obscure Japan-only information on your favorite RPGs
  • Game design critiques
  • Speculative fiction on the featured RPGs

Above everything, the RPGDL is about community. We love games and RPGs, and we want them to mature as the gaming industry moves forward. The Forums are a place of open, civil discussion that any gaming fan should feel welcome to join.