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La Pucelle Ragnarok Sidestory Summary

Posted by Djinn on January 10, 2014
In Japan, La Pucelle received an expanded release on the PSP called La Pucelle+Ragnarok. It adds another story mode which follows after the joke ending from the original La Pucelle where Prier entered the Dark World and defeated 1000 demons, becoming an Overlord through her overwhelming display of strength… on accident. *Spoilers*
In Ragnarok, she goes to kill a bunch of demons and this is the first ‘requirement’ for becoming an Overlord. From there the story plays out slightly differently, with Prier fighting her change into an Overlord. The team returns to La Pucelle headquarters and attempts to shrug off the event where the Demons declared her an Overlord. And at first, she just has a huge desire to keep fighting demons.







But then the desire gets out of control and literally manifests as another Prier, looking like a child version of herself. The other-Prier appears and tells real-Prier that her heart is dark enough to just go ahead and become an Overlord. Prier responds with an adamant “No way, I’m going to become the Maiden of Light!”




Culotte jokes about how Prier would make a better Overlord than Maiden, and then later on not-Prier calls him out on it and nearly breaks Prier by showing her how selfish and violent she is, just like her brother teased. When this makes Culotte start to feel terrible, that’s when Prier gets serious and just outright beats down her dark side literally.




Alouette supports her, saying that as long as they are together, she won’t let her fall into becoming an evil Overlord, and to hold onto her dream of becoming a Maiden of Light. This allows Prier to vanquish the physical manifestation of the darkness in her heart, and she hears an angelic voice that tells her “Don’t forget about me…” and then the chapter ends.





In the next chapter, time skips ahead to after the big reveal that Alouette is the Maiden of Light and that Croix is the Dark Prince who is out to destroy humanity for the atrocities Croix witnessed when the people of Fatima burned his lover Angelica for being a witch. Prier prays alone to the Goddess Poitreene for guidance, having reached her breaking point with the loss of both Croix AND her goal of becoming Maiden of Light.




She almost succumbs to becoming an Overlord for various reasons. Each reason, in fact, manifests as another Demon Prier within her heart. Alouette performs a Miracle that allows the team to go inside Prier’s heart as well to help her fight the darkness inside her. The team notes “Man, you’re messed up, Prier” and she eloquently responds “SHUT UP I’M WELL-ADJUSTED, I will BEAT the doubt out of my heart!”




So Prier beats up a bunch of Demon Priers with weak reasons to convince her to give in to being an Overlord, such as “You can’t become the Maiden of Light, so what other career path you gonna take?” or “You need Power and you like fighting Demons, right?” and then eventually caves to “The one who doesn’t want you to become an Overlord is Alouette, the one who took your dream and is forcing you to kill the man you love”. This shakes her to her core and her confused heart allows the Demon Prier to kick the others out. Alone in her heart, she goes mad as the darkness takes her over.




She doesn’t even realize she’s changed at first, she simply wakes up and starts fighting against some demons that have swarmed her in the church. Then, in the Good Ending Path, a spark of sanity hits her (the Light part of her heart that reminded her “Don’t forget about me…”) and she realizes she has actually been near-massacre-ing her friends she was seeing as demons. With this realization, she then finally sees herself in her demonic Overlord form but she’s regained her sanity by remembering the Light in her heart and become some sort of “Purified Demon”.



After her transformation into Overlord Prier, her friends ask “Aren’t you gonna try to change back now that you’ve got your sanity back?” And she non-chalantly replies, “Nah, I -am- more like an Overlord than a Maiden of Light, after all.”
Father Salade then finds them and freaks out that Prier’s gone demonic, but they assure him she’s fine, and then when they still accept her as a member of La Pucelle, Prier’s heart begins to emit a warm light, and Salade dubs her the Maiden of Darkness.


With her new-found power, Prier decides “Well, Noir can’t destroy the world without Croix. And since *I* can be a demon and not go crazy, I’ll go show Croix how to do that.” She states “Leave it to me” and just leaps into the air like superman to go save Croix and then gleefully busts down the door of the demon stronghold with a “Damn, what’s with this stupidly powerful strength? I was just trying to knock.”




She fights her way to the place where Noir is trying to summon the Fallen Angel Calamity and kill everyone on the world, and finally finds Dark Prince Croix.
Croix begins to say “Whoa, this aura-” but Prier cheerfully interrupts, “Yeah, I’m an Overlord now, no biggie. Just ignore the demonish aura thing~”
Noir taunts her, saying “Yes, I know what you’re trying to do, but just talking to him isn’t going to stop him,” and commands Croix to attack, Noir thinking to himself, “Doesn’t matter which one wins, the fight between these two will release enough dark energy for my plot to work anyway!”




However, instead of fighting Croix, Prier says a few words about how she’s been beating up people’s darksides for a while now (like Eclair’s), and she forcibly pulls the physical manifestation of Croix’s darkness out so she can beat it up. Noir is shocked “What? Where’d you get this ability?!”



After beating up his darkness, Croix gets his sanity back, much to Noir’s disappointment. But Croix is still struggling with containing the Dark Prince’s power, so he asks Prier to finish him off to keep the world safe. And then Prier smacks him good and tells him “Shut up, if *I* can do it, you can do it. I’ll be here for you. Jerk.”




So Croix agrees to keep on living and staying sane for Prier’s sake, it is sentimental, and Noir’s having none of it. He tries to interrupt their love fest by turning into his massive demon form and using himself to end the world. But Prier and Croix, of course, make a romantic moment out of spectacularly beating his ass together.




After Noir is a distant memory team-rocketing-off into the sky, Prier asks Croix if he wants to choose a new title for himself, like “Dark Hero” or something. Croix responds, “No, that’s lame.”
Prier, ignoring him, just keeps going “It’s perfect! I’m the Maiden of Darkness, you’re the Hero of Darkness, we’ll be the Darkness-Darkness Combination!”
“Please stop calling me embarassing things…” Croix begs as the two fly out of the exploding demon stronghold.




With the crisis averted, Croix and Prier decide to superhero off into the sunset, keeping the world safe from demons while the rest of the cast can only wonder what happened to them. Culotte promises to become a great priest and take care of Alouette until the day that he’ll surely see his sister and Croix again. He is wistful at the end, “So in the end, my sister really WAS more cut out to be an Overlord than a Maiden of Light!”




Good End~




In the Bad ending route, Prier doesn’t regain her sanity in time and massacres all her friends.
When she goes to confront Croix, she pleads “I’m the same as you now. I became this so I could stop you from doing what I did.”
When Croix finds out she’s killed the Maiden of Light, he loses it and Noir tells her “There’s nothing that can stop him now.”
Croix starts to ramble about how Prier’s become a demon and killed people all just to save him, and Noir taunts her saying that she’s the one who has destroyed Croix’s last hope.


Croix’s power overwhelms him and he attacks Prier. Prier begs him to return to his true self, but in the end she defeats him. As he’s laying dying, he laments that he’s a failure for not saving Angelica AND for making Prier fall into an Overlord.



Noir reappears and blasts Croix’s body to use its energy to finish his plans for destroying the World. Prier screams in rage that she will never forgive him, over and over again, and loses it, obliterating everything.




Bad End.


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