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8/13/2013 LFT Update!

Posted by Laggy on August 14, 2013

LFT has been updated with a few quality of life changes and minor balance tweaks. The major changes to note are:

  • Random encounters now only occur when you deliberately select to move to the map location with the random encounter (i.e. you will never get random encounters while transitioning over a spot). The direction of your approach still matters for which encounters you can get.
  • Starting generics now have preset Br and Fa values. Squires have 70/60, Chemists have 70/70. They also start at JLV2 for their respective jobs. You can rename them at the Soldier Office if you wish.
  • Added no-music versions of the patch (in-game music disabled).

You can see the full changelog post here and discuss on the thread.

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